This Manifesto has been improved over the months of its drafting by the comments of a number of knowledgeable people sympathetic to but not uncritical of the federalist cause. They include politicians, academics, think-tankers, journalists and both current and former officials of the EU institutions. I am grateful to them all, as well as to the European Policy Centre for hosting meetings in Brussels. 

This paper builds upon a publication of the Spinelli Group, with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, in 2013, A Fundamental Law of the European Union.

Translations of the text into French, German and Italian will be posted on

The Spinelli Group is grateful to the Fund for Policy Reform of Mr George Soros and to the Union of European Federalists for their support. 

While the Board of the Spinelli Group promotes the publication of this Manifesto as a major contribution to the debate about the future of the European Union, individual members are not bound in all respects to every proposal.

Andrew Duff

August 2018


Members of the Board of the Spinelli Group 2018-19

Brando Benifei MEP
Mercedes Bresso MEP
Elmar Brok MEP
Andrew Duff, President
Monica Frassoni
Sven Giegold MEP
Danuta Hübner MEP
Jo Leinen MEP
Marietje Schaake MEP
Tom Vandenkendelaere MEP
Guy Verhofstadt MEP


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