At a time of interdependence and a globalised world, clinging to national sovereignties and intergovernmentalism is not only warfare against the European spirit, it is but an addiction to political impotence. Today we are moving in the opposite direction, towards a looser instead of a closer Union, towards a more national instead of a post-national Europe. The aim of the Spinelli Group is to oppose this backward and reactionary direction. We believe that this is not the moment for Europe to slow down, but on the contrary to accelerate. Our goal is a federal and post-national Europe, a Europe of the citizens. The Spinelli Group comes forward with suggestions it considers as necessary Big Steps Forward. There are a lot of themes and subjects on which the European Union should move forward but someone must put them on the agenda. Federal and post-national steps forward are proposed about for example European defence, culture and education, European citizenship or energy.

How we are working:

MEP Spinelli Group

First there is the MEP Spinelli Group, the federalist intergroup in the European Parliament. Every MEP who is prepared to withstand the pressure of their national government and support the European interest is welcome to join this group. The MEP Spinelli Group looks for strategies and majorities in the European Parliament to push the pro-European, federal and post-national agenda.

Spinelli Group-Network

Secondly there is the Spinelli Group Network. Every citizen who agrees with the manifesto of the Spinelli Group is invited to sign it. Signing is possible on Whoever signs the manifesto becomes a member of the Spinelli Network Group. He or she will be kept informed of future initiatives and will be invited to participate in our meetings, debates and fora. The network members are also involved in an online debate, they are able to promote Spinelli’s proposals and values in they own entourage (through social networks, personal blogs or websites, NGOs, etc.).