300 European intellectuals and academics call for a EU re-foundation and support the "March for Europe" in Rome on 25 March

300 European academics and intellectuals support Parliament's proposals for EU reform and the March for Europe 2017 in Rome on 25 March

Over 300 European intellectuals and academics from across the European Union have signed an appeal in view of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. The Appeal “A genuine European Union to ensure welfare, security and democracy” calls upon the Heads of State and Government meeting in Rome to celebrate the Treaties of Rome to open the way to a re-foundation of the EU on the basis of recent European Parliament’s proposals to strengthen EU institutions and policies, especially on foreign and security, economic and social policies. The authors call upon the Europe’s youth, its civil society, workers, entrepreneurs, academia, local governments and European citizens to participate in the March for Europe in Rome on March 25 to give political leaders the strength and courage to push forward the EU to a new beginning.

Most of the European Parliament proposals have been put forward and promoted by members of The Spinelli Group, and will be adopted as a comprehensive package on Thursday 16 February.

The appeal has been initiated by Prof. Roberto Castaldi together with Giuliano Amato, Yves Bertoncini, Stefan Collignon, Anthony Giddens, Ulrike Guerot, and Miguel Maduro.  It was subscribed by about 300 intellectuals, academics, think tanks directors and experts, and personalities in all the EU, and beyond. Among the people who have already signed are: Edmond Alphandery, Enrique Barón Crespo, Emma Bonino, Massimo Cacciari, Alessandro Cavalli, Anna Diamantopoulou, Luigi Ferrajoli, Monserrat Guibernau, Daniel Innerarity, Jean-Victor Louis, Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, Claus Offe, Gianfranco Pasquino, Javier Solana, Natalie Tocci, Loukas Tsoukalis, Nadia Urbinati, Vladimiro Zagrebelsky.The full list is published here, and it is now open to the adhesion of all citizens who wish to support it.

A genuine European Union to ensure welfare, security and democracy

We European citizens are worried and scared. The economic and financial crisis has impoverished many of us. Youth unemployment risks creating a lost generation. Inequality grows and social cohesion is in peril. The EU is surrounded by war and instability from Ukraine to Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. The flux of refugees and migrants has become a structural feature we must address together, in a human and forward-looking manner. In many Member states we witness authoritarian tendencies and the rise of nationalist and xenophobic forces. Democracy and the core values of the European modern civilization are under attack. The EU itself is questioned ... Read more, check the full list of signatories and sign the appeal


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