Join the Spinelli Group 2014-2019


Dear colleagues

We would like to invite you to join the Spinelli Group by signing the Manifesto below. The Spinelli Group believes that we need another Europe and a more integrated Europe.  The current situation does not work and we need to join all our forces on a Group party basis to reach common European solutions. The time for this action is now.

We therefore ask you to sign up to the Spinelli Manifesto and to join the Spinelli MEP Group.  The Group, co-chaired by Elmar Brok and Jo Leinen, will meet on a regular basis.

Our inaugural meeting for this legislature will take place on Tuesday 21 October in Strasbourg over lunch.

You are all invited to sign up and join us for this first meeting.

With best wishes

Guy Verhofstadt, Elmar Brok, Jo Leinen, Sylvie Goulard, Danuta Hübner, Mercedes Bresso, Ulrike Lunacek.


Spinelli Manifesto

"It will be the moment of new action and it will be the moment for new people: the moment for a free and united Europe", Altiero Spinelli

More than ever, the challenges we are facing today are worldwide: climate change, pressure on resources, environmental destruction, economic and financial difficulties, security, fair trade, peace-building, respect for human rights and civil liberties…

In our contemporary world, every European country is a small country. But we have one advantage: together we have built our European Union. It is a remarkable construction in which European states, many for too long divided by protracted conflicts, decided to be “united in diversity” and form common Community.

Striving for shared peace and prosperity, we managed to work together and combine forces, thus fostering unprecedented prosperity, democracy and reconciliation on our continent. National states have concede sovereign powers to common institutions in order to reach common goals and an “ever closer” Union.

Unfortunately, whereas the formidable challenges of a complex crisis demand common responses at European level, too many politicians believe that solutions still lie at the national level. In a time of interdependence and in a globalised world, national solutions cannot provide adequate solutions. Only European solution can be successful.

Today things are moving in the opposite direction, towards a looser rather than a closer Union. Too often the Community spirit is forgotten in favour of short-term national interests. And too often intergovernmental solutions prevail over real European solutions.

We oppose this backward and reactionary direction. It is time to bring a common European approach back to the forefront. This is not the moment for Europe to slow down further integration, but on the contrary to accelerate it. The European Union’s history has time again proven that more Europe, not less, is the answer to the problems we face. Only with European solutions and a renewed European spirit will we be able to tackle the worldwide challenges.

National solutions are solutions of the past. Our goal is a federal and post-national Europe, a Europe of the citizens. This was the dream the founding fathers worked so hard to achieve. This was the project of Altiero Spinelli. This is the Europe we want. This is the Europe we will fight for. Because this is the Europe of the future.