The Spinelli Group calls on the Greek people to say YES to Europe


We want Greece to re-emerge as a strong and healthy economy within the Eurozone. What is happening is very dangerous for Greece and the Eurozone. It is essential that what is fast becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy must end. A negotiated solution must be found that maintains Greece within the euro. Otherwise the citizens of Greece and its economy will face a disaster. The economic and political impact on the Eurozone and the European Union will be unpredictable. The European project must not die in Athens.

The Greek citizens should be called to express themselves not only on the seven page proposal from the institutions but also on the accompanying growth and recovery package. As pro-European in favour of a Union of solidarity and prosperity, we call the Greek people to express their strong support to the reform process and to staying in the Eurozone.  Voting Yes on Sunday will be a vote for Europe.    

It is then urgent that all parties meet to agree on a set of sustainable reforms. What is truly needed is nothing less than a fundamental and socially sustainable reform of the Greek political and economic system and the emergence of a new governance system. The course must be set for radical reforms if Greece is to re-emerge as a strong and healthy economy within the Eurozone. In return, in the immediate future, policies promoting a returning of growth are urgent and should be supported by the Eurozone partners.

The current crisis should strengthen the determination of the Eurozone leaders to progress rapidly towards a deeper and more robust economic monetary union, with the governance and the tools to prevent and manage economic unbalances before they escalate to the level of the Greek crisis.  The Five Presidents Report submitted to the European Council on 26 June is a step in this process.


Isabelle Durant

Elmar Brok

Guy Verhofstadt

Mercedes Bresso

Danuta Huebner