The Spinelli Group in the Committee of the Regions Launched


On 30 November 2017, The Spinelli Group officially constituted and launched its group in the Committee of the Regions of the EU. The launch event in Brussels was introduced by The Spinelli Group's President Andrew Duff and has been attended by members of the European Parliament and of the Committee of Regions from different political groups and member States. In close cooperation with the similar group in the European Parliament, the newly established group in the Committee of the Regions intends to engage actively in the debate on the future of Europe by defending the need of a more closely integrated European Union and the perspective of a federal Union. The contribution of local and regional representatives, and their engagement in grass-roots activities across Europe, are considered essential to a successful outcome of the debate on the future of Europe.

The initiative in the Committee of the Regions of the EU is steered by a cross-party committee consisting of François Decoster (France, ALDE), Peter Bossman (Slovenia, PES) and Jesús María Gamallo Aller (Spain, EPP).

The Spinelli Group is a cross-party initiative launched in September 2010 by the members of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Sylvie Goulard and Isabelle Durant. The Group is named after Altiero Spinelli, one of the pioneers of the federalist movement and life-long fighter for European political unity. The Spinelli Group consists of a network of federalist members of the European, national and local parliaments and like-minded supporters across Europe. Its supporters include personalities of the political and academic world, civil society organisation and citizens who believe that European political unity is the answer to Europe's current challenges. The Group organises events in Brussels, Strasbourg and major national capitals to create a dialogue between European, national and local politicians as well as civil society organisation and rallies support for the transformation of the European Union in a federal direction. Today Andrew Duff, former member of the European Parliament, is its President, and Elmar Brok and Jo Leinen are the co-chairmen of its parliamentary group in the European Parliament