On 25th March 2017, Heads of State and Government will meet in Rome to adopt the "Rome Declaration", supposed to give momentum and direction to the transformations the EU will undergo in the coming years. While Europeans show election after election their attachment to their values of openness and democracy, only an inclusive process, involving the representatives of the European citizens in the European Parliament, will meet their expectations: a Europe for the citizens by the citizens.
Press release, 03 March 2017 The Spinelli Group welcomes the “White Paper on the Future of Europe” presented by the President of the European Commission yesterday as it contributes to an open debate on the hard choices Europe is facing and that have been postponed for too long. The debate and decisions on the future shape of the European Union cannot and must not be left to national governments...
What we need are more democratic and better controlled institutions, an independent budget for the euro area, and an outer circle for those countries reticent about an “ever closer union.”
Jo Leinen. Transnationale Listen: Wie aus 28 nationalen Wahlen eine europäische wird. Entspricht das Verfahren zur Wahl des Europäischen Parlaments noch unseren Erwartungen an eine europäische Demokratie?
A group of over 70 MEPs from different countries and political groups have signed-up to re-launch the parliamentary group of the "Spinelli Group", which held its first meeting yesterday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
We would like to invite you to join the Spinelli Group by signing the Manifesto. The Spinelli Group believes that we need another Europe and a more integrated Europe. The current situation does not work and we need to join all our forces on a Group party basis to reach common European solutions. The time for this action is now.
Prospects for a trans-national European democracy by Jo Leinen President of the European Movement International (Wold Commerce Review june 2014)
Débat sur l’Ukraine, entre Isabelle Durant et Didier Reynders à Mise au Point (RTBF) / 09.03.2014
Guy Verhofstadt speaking on Maidan, stressing that the EU must offer Ukrainians a positive perspective. We were the first to inform the people there about the EU sanctions. The reaction was overwhelming enthusiastic.
Sylvie Goulard, Corriere della sera, 31.12.2013. Europa 2013/2014 I punti di svolta Un continente alle urne ? Le elezioni dell'Europarlamento a maggio. In Francia Secondo i sondaggi il 25 % dei francesi è pronto a votare Marine Le Pen e il suo piano anti-europeo che propone frontiere chiuse e nazionalismo