Time to prepare for a Convention to reform the EU into a true political union


After Brexit, the EU needs to organise a democratic Convention to become a real political union.


Statement by Isabelle Durant, President of The Spinelli Group 

At the end of a campaign founded on big mistrust and miscommunication between the majority of British citizens and the rest of the Union, the result in known: the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Now the European Union needs more than ever clarity about its future. Not only on its future relationship with the United Kingdom but especially on its own future.  We need to put in motion a process of comprehensive and democratic reform of the Union.  

This cannot be defined only by the Heads of State and Government. We need to bring democracy and citizens at the centre of the decision-making process. It's time to prepare for a Convention gathering representatives of European and national Parliaments and national governments, and involving civil society, in order to prepare a proposal to reform and relaunch the European Union as a true political union. Federalists and all those citizens who believe in a united and federal Europe can make a difference. It’s time to stand-up and defend Europe as a political project.





The Spinelli Group is a group of pro-European and federalist members of the European Parliament. It is chaired by Elmar Brok (EPP) and Jo Leinen (S&D). The Board includes Mercedes Bresso (S&D), Pascal Durand (Greens/EFA), Sylvie Goulard (ALDE), Danuta Hübner (EPP), Ulrike Lunacek (Greens/EFA) and Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE). The Spinelli Group association is chaired by former MEP and European Parliament Vice-President Isabelle Durant.


Further information on www.spinelligroup.eu. Press contact: David Garcia email: david.garcia@federalists.eu, telephone: +32 2 508 3030