Le 20 octobre le Groupe Spinelli tiendra sa prochaine rencontre européenne à Paris sous le titre « Ensemble-construisons une nouvelle Europe ». Dans cette occasion, le Group Spinelli rassemblera des élus nationaux et européens, ainsi que des représentants de la société civile et des citoyens, afin de discuter de leurs attentes sur le futur de l’euro et de la défense européenne.
The Spinelli Group supports Juncker’s State of the Union Speech and his package of proposals to relaunch the European Union and calls for action to implement it by the next European Parliament elections.
Congreso de los Diputados, Sala Clara Campoamor, Carrera de San Jerónimo, 36, E-28071, Madrid The Spinelli Group is promoting a cycle of debates in national capitals to discuss proposals on the main issues facing the European Union and emphasise the need to complete the European political project. After events in Brussels, Rome, Berlin and Warsaw, events are now planned in Madrid, Vienna,...
On 25th March 2017, Heads of State and Government will meet in Rome to adopt the "Rome Declaration", supposed to give momentum and direction to the transformations the EU will undergo in the coming years. While Europeans show election after election their attachment to their values of openness and democracy, only an inclusive process, involving the representatives of the European citizens in the European Parliament, will meet their expectations: a Europe for the citizens by the citizens.
Press release, 03 March 2017 The Spinelli Group welcomes the “White Paper on the Future of Europe” presented by the President of the European Commission yesterday as it contributes to an open debate on the hard choices Europe is facing and that have been postponed for too long. The debate and decisions on the future shape of the European Union cannot and must not be left to national governments...
300 European academics and intellectuals support Parliament's proposals for EU reform and the March for Europe 2017 in Rome on 25 March
Over 300 European intellectuals and academics from across the European Union have signed an appeal in view of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. The Appeal “ A genuine European Union to ensure welfare, security and democracy ” calls upon the Heads of State and Government meeting in Rome to celebrate the Treaties of Rome to open the way to a re-foundation of the EU on the basis of recent...
The Co-Chairs of the Spinelli Group in the European Parliament warn against European Council's attempts to repatriate power to national capitals and call upon Heads of State and Government to adopt a roadmap towards a Security Union.
Le Spinelli Forum constitue une occasion de mettre les citoyens en contact avec des experts en affaires européennes, des hommes et des femmes politiques et des personnalités académiques afin de discuter des solutions aux principaux défis auxquels l’Union européenne est confrontée. Le Forum est une initiative tournée avant tout vers les citoyens, dans un esprit d’échange entre les invités et le public.
After Brexit, the EU needs to organise a democratic Convention to become a real political union.
The Spinelli Group regrets the outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom and calls for a fast withdrawal process of the UK, a renewal of other Member States' commitment to European political unity and the preparation of a European Convention to reform the Union.