The Co-Chairs of the Spinelli Group in the European Parliament warn against European Council's attempts to repatriate power to national capitals and call upon Heads of State and Government to adopt a roadmap towards a Security Union.
After Brexit, the EU needs to organise a democratic Convention to become a real political union.
The Spinelli Group regrets the outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom and calls for a fast withdrawal process of the UK, a renewal of other Member States' commitment to European political unity and the preparation of a European Convention to reform the Union.
The Spinelli Group calls on the European Council to take resolute action to address the refugee crisis, by endorsing the Commission's proposal for a European Border and Coast Guard and recasting the Dublin Regulation in a spirit of European solidarity. A review of the governance of the Union is essential in order to provide it with the means to avoid humanitarian crises in the future.
Vendredi 14 février marque le 30ème anniversaire de l'adoption par le Parlement européen du projet de Traité instituant l'Union européenne dont le rédacteur était Altiero Spinelli. Le vote en ce 14 février 1984 avait vu l'adoption du texte par 238 voix contre 31, 43 eurodéputés s'étant abstenus.
Publication on how to respond to the rise of populism in Europe and to the success of extremist parties? With the contribution of Isabelle DURANT, Daniel COHN-BENDIT, Martin HIRSCH, Gesine SCHWAN, Jean-Michel DE WAELE, Michel HASTINGS, Nicolas LEVRAT, Gerassimos MOSCHONAS, and Takis PAPPAS


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