The Spinelli Group and UEF are organising a series of events in European national capitals in order to meet citizens and national policy makers and make advance the debate on federal solutions to the challenges Europe is facing. The next national event of the Spinelli Group will take place in Vienna on 23 November, in cooperation with the Europäische Föderalistischen Bewegung in Österreich.
In next year’s European election, many politicians will preach about the need to “reform” the European Union but few will know what they are talking about. Two who do know are Viktor Orban and Emmanuel Macron, writes Andrew Duff.
Andrew Duff proposes as the only possible response to the Brexit mess the European federation and the creation of a new “associated member” status, which would allow countries like the UK to keep close ties with the EU, even if they do not want to commit to an ever closer union.
As the political parties prepare for the European elections next May, MEPs from the cross-party Spinelli Group launch an ambitious Manifesto for the constitutional reform of the Union.
Andrew Duff discusses his new book with Desmond Dinan and Richard Corbett MEP. On Governing Europe: a federal experiment 17.30-19.00, Wednesday 27th June Library, ASP-05D, European Parliament Open to all. If you do not have an accreditation giving you access to the European Parliament premises, please, fill in the accreditation form by 20 June 2018 at noon.
Thursday 1 March, 18.30-20.00, Press Club, Rue Froissart 95, 1000 Brussels Join ANDREW DUFF, President of the Spinelli Group and former Member of the European Parliament, in conversation with FRANKLIN DEHOUSSE about his new book . Followed by cocktails. Registration is compulsory. Andrew Duff has written a ‘constitutional novel’ about the European Union. He describes how the EU was born at a time...
Sofia-Declaration of The Spinelli Group and the UEF Sofia, 22 February 2018 Faced with euroscepticism and even resurgent nationalism, unification of Europe is the greatest duty of our generation. Globalisation, the emergence of continent powers, the rise of protectionism outside Europe, global warming, migration and new security threats leave European states short of means to find suitable...
Letter sent by the President of The Spinelli Group , Andrew Duff, to the President of the European Council, Mr. Donald Tusk, on 12th February 2018
Letter sent by President of The Spinelli Group, Andrew Duff, to members of The Spinelli Group in the European Parliament, on the occasion of the vote on Transnational Lists by the European Parliament.
Thursday 22 February 2018, 16:00 - 19:00 National Culture Palace, Boulevard "Bulgaria", 1463 Ndk, Sofia, Bulgaria Bерсия на български по-долу Registrations are closed The Spinelli Group is a network of European political leaders committed to the goal of federal union. Founded in the European Parliament in 2010, the Group brings together MEPs of different party groups to collaborate on...



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