On 24 January 2018, The Spinelli Group adopted the strategic framework that will define its work in view of the 2019 European elections. STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK 2018-19 The Spinelli Group is a network of European political leaders committed to the goal of federal union. Founded in the European Parliament in 2010, the Group brings together MEPs of different party groups to collaborate on...
Andrew Duff launches his latest book "On Governing Europe: A Federal Experiment". Andrew Duff describes how the EU was born at a time when federalism was seen as the only way to lasting peace, but how continuing tension between federalists and nationalists has left the Union unable to fulfil its promise
On 30 November 2017, The Spinelli Group officially constituted and launched its group in the Committee of the Regions of the EU. The launch event in Brussels was introduced by The Spinelli Group's President Andrew Duff and has been attended by members of the European Parliament and of the Committee of Regions from different political groups and member States.
In October 2017, The Spinelli Group elected Andrew Duff its new President. “I am delighted to taking up this challenge at a moment when the debate about the future of Europe is again picking up. In that debate the issue of governance is too often over-looked. I am convinced that unless the European Union moves decisively towards the establishment of a federal government it will continue always to promise more than it delivers.”, stated the British Lib-Dem former MEP.
RWTH Aachen University, Hörsaal H06 C.A.R.L. – “Central Auditorium for Research and Learning” Claßenstraße, 52072 Aachen | Wednesday 8 November 2017 | 17.30-21.00 The Spinelli Group is promoting a cycle of debates at national and regional level to discuss proposals on the main challenges and opportunities facing the European Union and emphasise the need to complete the European political project...
On 20 October the Spinelli Group held its latest European meet-up in Paris under the title "Together- let’s build a new Europe". On this occasion, the Spinelli Group broughtnational and European politicians, civil society representatives and citizens together in order to discuss their expectations on the future of the euro and European defence.
The Spinelli Group supports Juncker’s State of the Union Speech and his package of proposals to relaunch the European Union and calls for action to implement it by the next European Parliament elections.
On 16 June 2017 the Spinelli Group visited Madrid. On this occasion, the Spinelli Group will partner up with Elcano Royal Institute to invite Spanish political personalities to a public debate to discuss ideas on the transformations the EU will undergo in the coming years in order to meet current challenges and citizens’ expectations, and in particular the perspective of closer political integration.
On 25th March 2017, Heads of State and Government will meet in Rome to adopt the "Rome Declaration", supposed to give momentum and direction to the transformations the EU will undergo in the coming years. While Europeans show election after election their attachment to their values of openness and democracy, only an inclusive process, involving the representatives of the European citizens in the European Parliament, will meet their expectations: a Europe for the citizens by the citizens.
An open debate on all options presented by the European Commission is welcome because it highlights what is really at stake today for all Europeans. The Spinelli Group believes that the European Union can’t simply stand still hoping for a better future, nor can it reduce itself to just a single market or, even less, dismantle some of its policies. These options would lead to a weaker Europe less secure in today’s unstable world.