Libération, 16.01.2014 By Erwan Quinio , Arezki Yaïche and Adrian Pantev , Membres de Génération 112 (Association européenne citoyenne plaidant pour une véritable démocratie européenne) | In May 2014 500 million citizens will have a special ‘rendez-vous’ with Europe. By electing the 751 Members of the European Parliament we will also have a decisive influence on the person...
European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 2-4 April 2014. The principles of equality and non-discrimination are central to any system of human rights protection. Although international human rights instruments have core equality provisions in common, the interpretation of these equality provisions, the nature of the cases of discrimination
Sylvie Goulard, Corriere della sera, 31.12.2013. Europa 2013/2014 I punti di svolta Un continente alle urne ? Le elezioni dell'Europarlamento a maggio. In Francia Secondo i sondaggi il 25 % dei francesi è pronto a votare Marine Le Pen e il suo piano anti-europeo che propone frontiere chiuse e nazionalismo
Sylvie Goulard face à Jean-Pierre Chevènement
The European Movement International (EMI) supports the pro-European protesters in Ukraine that have gathered in Kiev’s Independence Square and across the country, after the Ukrainian government gave in to Russian pressure and suspended the signature of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The EMI calls on the government of Viktor Yanukovych to fully respect the fundamental freedoms of expression...
At a successful meeting of its Member Organisations in The Hague, Friday 29 November, the European Movement International set out new policy demands on sustainable development , combatting euroscepticism and ensuring the European elections 2014 are held under the competences granted by the Lisbon Treaty. The economic crisis has created problems for European integration, and the EMI supports the...
The European Movement International is deeply concerned about the latest comments by British Prime Minister David Cameron on the treatment of EU citizens from certain countries, especially Romania and Bulgaria, and his threat to “remove them“ from the country, in case they don’t find work in due time.
Die Europäische Union befindet sich in einer tiefen Krise. Die Interessen der Länder sind tief gespalten, ein gemeinsamer Nenner lässt sich nicht finden. Diesen aber benötigt Europa dringend, um die Herausforderungen der Zukunft meistern zu können. Die Zeit ist reif für ein europäisches Grundgesetz.
In a recent article Daniel Cohn-Bendit argued that “the time is ripe for a transnational, trans-generational, trans-partisan, grass-roots and crowd-funded movement to take European integration to the next level”.
Interview de Guy Verhofstadt Le Vif du 26 Novembre 2013. "De plus en plus de responsables politiques prennent conscience de la nécessité de créer une alternative pro-européenne crédible ne se basant plus seulement sur les arguments du passé."