Edouard Gaudot

Edouard Gaudot (born 1974), is an historian and political scientist. A former history teacher, Edouard worked between 2004 and 2008 for Professor Bronislaw Geremek, first at the Natolin College of Europe, in Warsaw, as Coordinator for the Chair of European Civilisation, and later in Brussels at the European Parliament. He notably ensured the scientific coordination of B. Geremek’s last opus (co-directed with Prof. R. Picht): Visions d’Europe, Odile Jacob, 2007. After a brief passage at the European Commission’s Representation in France, he joined Daniel Cohn-Bendit and worked for the Europe-Ecologie movement as a campaign advisor. Since April 2010, Edouard works as a Political adviser for the Green Group at the European Parliament. He has lived and worked in Australia, Poland, Austria, Belgium and France