Ulrich Beck

Ulrich Beck is German and (born May 15, 1944) has studied sociology, philosophy, psychology, and political science at Munich University. In 1972, he obtained his title of Doctor of Philosophy and worked as a sociologist at Munich University. Beck was professor at the universities of Münster (1979-1981) and Bamberg (1981-1992) and founded the research centre at the University of Munich, Sonderforschungsbereich in 1999. Currently he is Professor for Sociology at the University of Munich, and has been the British Journal of Sociology LSE Centennial Professor in the Department of Sociology. Beck has received Honorary Doctorates from several European universities. In his work, Beck focuses on modernization, ecological problems, individualization, and globalization. He has also contributed a number of new words in German sociology, including “risk society”, “second modernity” and reflexive modernization.